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All Vented Closures (Caps and Bungs)

All Vented Closures (Caps and Bungs)

We can supply caps or drum bungs with PTFE vent . However PTFE vents are is not suitable for every product that requires venting. PTFE is hydrophobic and only suitable for chemicals and products that have only water added, which have a high surface tension.
For products that have a low surface tension e.g. chemicals with fragrance, detergent, alcohol added, a Super Resistant Vent will be required. The type of vent available depends on which closure you are using.
Vented closures MUST be tested by the customer under their specific end use conditions.
For any vented container the following must be noted:
5-10% head-space must be left when filling, to allow the gas to escape out the vent and to minimise risk of leakage from, or plugging of, the vent.
When filling containers up to 30L we recommend doing a ‘tip and test’ whereby you fit the cap, tip the container over briefly and check that no leaks are evident. Then return the container upright.
Containers must be transported and stored upright at all times.
Vents are single use only.”

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